Arts Reviews

  • Anachronistic British farce with a slap and tickle!
  • 'Bogga' captures the daily life of real people, and all the riots, corruption, drug and sex scandals, murders and suicides that were the backlash of unjust institutions..
  • Award-winning company, Wax Lyrical Productions, presents the world premiere of Nineteen, a dark comedy about four young men, Noah, George, Adam and Josh, living in a share house. From the outside they seem like fun, loveable larrikins but underneath the lurks something more sinister.
  • Martin McDonagh’s The Lonesome West is a bleak and brooding comedy set in Ireland’s west country...
  • The Celebration of the Female Form exhibition is an assortment of artwork that portrays the female figure and ultimately encourage audiences to value the skin they are in.
  • Women In Voice celebrates 25 years, showcasing a range of vocal talent that will have you hungry for more...
  • Ben Ely has returned to the Brisbane Powerhouse this time with his exhibition "Showtime!"
  • Spectate is an innovative fourth-wall conceptual experience which acts like pinball for the consciousness as your mind ricochets from one perception to the next!
  • A Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow, Here in Oz!
  • Walk on the wild side to infinity and back with Yayoi Kusama