A mosaic of affecting

'I often wish that I could take out the part of me that holds affection for others, not remove it, but present it in tangible presence to the target.' Nic Addenbrooke
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Nic Addenbrooke
Self Made Man

Hundreds is a razor-sharp mosaic, made up of 100 bits of flesh fiction that come together as a novel and as 100 stand-alone prose poems. This book carves out with a scalpel: nothingness, longing and fleeting connection. These are edgy existentialist meditations on personality becoming data.


Hundred’s precise use of language is exquisite alongside accompanying full colour images. Conceptually, I enjoyed it from the start with its non-chronological contents pages, an alphabetical listing of the one hundred distinct pieces that make up this body of work. This hand-made first book by Nic Addenbrooke is a beautiful labour of love. 


Michelle Karen