Alex Lahey @ The Brightside

Alex Lahey, more like Alex 'Slayhey'

After following her from the get-go, I was excited tof inally make it to an Alex Lahey HEADLINE show in Brisbane, in particular a sold out one. With folk-punk band The Football Club and local singer-songwriter Rory J Dawson opening the night, the show at The Brightside was gonna be an absolute perla'. 

Dawson was a softer start than I imagined, with a gentle, poetic edge and a mesmerising aura. There were plenty of people down early - although I suspect that was to get a prime spot for the main act. 

The Football Club were up next, and they had the dancefloor pretty much packed. It was the first time the band had travelled up to Brisbane, and they had a surprisingly large fanbase (myself included). Lead singer Ruby commanded the stage with her rough voice; every word she sang was drenched in a fragile vulnerability a lot of 'rock' music lacks. Reminding me a lot of legendary band Against Me! who I had seen earlier in the month, their tracks seemed familiar to my ear. Earlier single Girl Crush was cute (at least as cute as indie-rock can be) and latest track Ivy closed off the set with a bang. 

The audience didn't move an inch as I squeezed my way to the front of the stage; waiting for Alex Lahey to grace the stage. The chatter of the audience was a constant murmur, and empty beer cups had been abandonded on the floor, rather than returned to the bar. Rambunctous applause welcomed her to the stage, and the opening chords of Wes Anderson, the single she was promoting, buzzed over the crowd. The punters didn't seem to mind she was playing a lot of new tracks; Everyday's The Weekend, Lotto In Reverse and Perth Traumatic Stress Disorder all seemed to go down an absolute treat in the crammed mosh pit. Leaving the banter mostly at home, her set was banger after banger, until she finished off with the mintest of all Lahey bangers You Don't Think You Like People Like Me. The encore was short lived, and she returned from side stage to play her LAV cover of Torn and classic party tune Lets Go Out.

Alex Lahey has only got one thing wrong - I do like people like her. 

Olivia Shoesmith

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