Blurst Of Times Part 1

Brisbanes best 1 day auditory blast...

I was really looking forward to one of Brisbane's best festivals, the one day auditory blast known as The Blurst of Times. This year's Blurst took place on Saturday April 29th, across 3 venues, The Brightside, Black Bear Lodge and The Foundry. 
I started the night discovering Brisbane's own, Morning Harvey in The Brightside carpark. Their front man could possibly be the biologically impossible result of a hook-up between David Byrne and David Bowie, the song "Lights Camera Gina" really drove the suspicion up a notch. Guitarist was definately channeling The Doobie Brothers style, not musically, I speak more of his excellent presentation. I wandered out of the car park and into The Brightside, where I caught the last couple Blink 182 tracks presented by an all star, stage packed super group calling themselves Bris 182. Infectious Blink tracks with Jeremy Neil on vocals, well … the crowd was going nuts! Next up was Green Buzzard, back out to The Brightside carpark. Tons going on with these guys, a lot of their tracks packed with high energy, delivered in a trudging, manic molasses style. Their bass player was all business, at times it looked like he had checked out and was, somewhere else mentally,  playing a first person shooter with the crowd, the guitarist's all white outfit had me thinking he would be welcomed into a Christian version of Turbonegro
9:45 and a quick jog over to Black Bear had me catching a lovely set by Jack River who was dispensing folky type tracks with her beautiful voice to compliment. Quick trip to The Foundry and I was standing in the main room, with lighting and mirror ball to make me feel like I was at the prom I never went to, waiting for Brisbane's own Good Boy to come out. Taking the stage they reminded me of a band that would play a frat party, maybe it was because they were all wearing caps, bassist/singer Rian, took it a step further, reminding me of a ghetto Angus Young. I like these guys and they didn't disappoint, serving up their quick,catchy, punky tunes.

Zip back to Black Bear to catch Alex Lahey who was apologizing, to her gathered crowd, for not being "as cool as Skegss" (their set started half way through Lahey's over at Brightside car park). Alex proceeded to play her cool af pop guitar tunes, including hits Let's Go Out Tonight and a new one Perth Traumatic Stress Disorder, about her being dumped by someone she was seeing, while she was in Perth. Now was dilemma time for me, two bands I wanted to see, both playing the exact same time slot! Damn! I shot off to The Foundry and caught half of Royal Headache's set and then scooted to The Brightside Carpark for Skegss! Both sets were great…in different ways. Skegss were a warm day at the beach with beers whilst Royal Headache were more akin to a fat line of coke and a fine whisky whilst riding on a bullet train in Japan. Like I said, both were great, but … pass the Suntory please! 
Well, I was really looking forward to The Blurst of Times, and in hindsight, with very good reason! Not a single act, I saw, disappointed, not only a credit to them, but also to the curators and organizers of this fine festival! Bring on The Blurst of Times 2018, I'm ready to have a blast (blurst?).

Robert Anderson

Zed Facts

After 4ZZZ was evicted from its UQ premises in 1988, staff temporarily broadcast from the Mount Coot-tha transmission tower, using a cassette player which was set up to go straight to air.