Hidden TreasureZZZ#4@ The New Globe Theatre

A record crowd find Hidden TreasureZZZ on a Saturday afternoon.

Hidden TreasureZZZ#4 – What a blast!

In case you are not aware of the phenomenon that is Hidden TreasureZZZ it is the newest Saturday afternoon live music event for 4ZZZ. Saturday afternoons are proving to be a great time for people to see live music. Hidden TreasureZZZ cut its teeth in the foyer stage at the New Globe Theatre for the first couple of shows, but as the audience is growing steadily with every show we have graduated to the main stage. This gives everyone plenty of space to kick back, have a game of pool and chat while they listen to the magic sounds emanating from where the action is.

Today, the biggest crowd we have had yet, is in attendance and everyone is in a happy, party mood. It is so great to see so many people out to support our local artists. This time around we are anticipating the sounds of Snorkel, Brown Doubt, Cedarsmoke and The Bent Bullets.

Snorkel have only been playing for ten months but the line up is well seasoned in performing with other bands spanning back over a few decades. Lead vocalist Donny Mc would easily rival the Energiser bunny as he jumps and bops all over the stage. I wish I had half his energy. Snorkel excel at reviving old classics by giving them a fresh coat of Snorkel originality. “Snorkel Up” is the catch phrase and I think we did.

Brown Doubt is leaving no doubt in my mind that they are band you need to add to your Must See list. A cross between Black Sabbath and Cream (or pretty much any awesome hard rock band from the 70’s) and you know you are going to want to see them if that is the sound you dig. They have a good collection of tracks to hear on Soundcloud, click the link below and check em out and go see them next time they play.

Cedarsmoke are up next. These guys are really new on the scene and I think we have them to thank for a large part of the audience here today. So great to see mates coming out to support mates. Cedarsmoke have a really unique sound and lyrics that you don’t expect from artists so young. Cedarsmoke will be a band to watch as they gain more live experience and confidence with their on stage sound. I predict great things for these guys and I highly recommend you give them a listen.

Finally The Bent Bullets blow our minds with a banging set. Matt Neilsen who fronts The Bent Bullets, was a solo performer but has now collected a cracking ensemble behind him and together they sound unbeatable. This band is ripe for the picking and I won’t be surprised to see their names on festival line ups in the near future. They are working on some new material too and an album is in the works so keep your eyes and ears on alert for when that drops.

Hidden TreasureZZZ#5 is on 10 December 2016 so put that date on your calendar and come out to enjoy the vibe for yourself. Like the Hidden TreasureZZZ facebook page at the link below to stay up with all the latest HT news. Check out more about the bands via the links below.

Snorkel - https://www.facebook.com/snorkleband/

Brown Doubt - https://soundcloud.com/brown-doubt

Cedarsmoke - https://soundcloud.com/cedarsmoke-172693064

The Bent Bullets - https://soundcloud.com/user-293063288

Hidden TreasureZZZ - https://www.facebook.com/hiddentreasurezzz/


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