Lorde @ Riverstage

Subtle melodrama from a pure heroine

It's not often an artist the calibre of Lorde comes to visit the town of Brisbane, but when they do you can guarentee that all walks of life will stop their busy schedules to check it out. The punters were down at the Riverstage in Brisbane in hordes to see what Lorde had to offer, and it was sure a show to be seen. 

Through the mile long line to buy merchandise, you could see support act George Maple bring to the stage her electronic hip hop vibes. Very polished and professional for a support act (well I guess you'd expect that given who she was supporting), she got the mosh going crazy very early on with her slick vocals and eccentric dance moves. Playing mostly songs from her new record, tracks like Gemini were a set highlight. Very in control and a real star. 

Soon it was time for Lorde to take her position on the stage and the crowd were restless. A slow chant of 'Lorde, Lorde Lorde' boomed throughout the amphitheatre and the punters on the hill started to stand for a better view. TV snipped played on the screen creating an ominous feeling before the opening chords of Homemade Dynamite strung out, causing a frenzy in the mosh pit, and Lorde appeared onstage, dressed simply in a black, billowing dress. The punters knew what to do, and without much encouragement, a full crowd singalong to the chorus ensued. Going straight into Magnet Lorde followed up banger with banger before addressing the crowd. Her welcome was humble, and she mentioned being 'intrigued by the corn cob place' (food vendor on the hill), which brought laughter and smiles in place of screams and sweat. 

In anticipation of the strict Riverstage curfew, she powered through her set, playing songs from both her records, such as Tennis Court, Buzz Cut Season and Sober, before exiting the stage for a quick costume change. Returning dressed in white, the led lights on the back of the stage changed to illuminate floral designs. The Lourve brought hard moshing,  a one verse cover of Powderfingers My Happiness brought Brisbane pride and Liability had me close to tears. 

After another costume change, this time to a pink polka dot playsuit, she returned to smash Supercut out of the figurative ball park, and the light up stars that flanked the stage showcased the real star to perfection. She followed up with all time crowd favourite Royals, Perfect Places, Team and finally finished with Green Light, which wrecked havoc on the mosh, especially as confetti fell from the sky. 

The subtle melodrama provided by this pure heroine is what makes her such a star - such a well balanced show showed her professionalism on the stage, but still her individual personality. Lorde is something else. 

Olivia Shoesmith

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