REMI X Sampa @ The Zoo

Talk To Your People
Sampa The Great, Remi & Sensible J

Hip hop made in Australia has never been as culturally and stylistically diverse as it is right now. Such a beautiful thing to behold.” - Hau.

It's very true. And, it’s a truth that really sums up the REMI X Sampa The Great experience. To segment the Brisbane leg of the 'Fire Sign' tour into sets seems to be a bit of a disservice, as the quality of performance and communal spirit was consistently flawless. 

Jesswar, as commanding as ever over heavy beats, expressed her gratitude for the platform she has been given and freely shares the stage with other locals Baby Mama and Aywin

There is a great level of recognition and celebration given readily and quickly from stage to crowd, returned equally from crowd to stage. Sampa is sure to acknowledge the presence of every queen that graced the stage as well as in the room and establishes that the 'Fire Sign' tour is about encouraging community. Proceeding to utilise her varied catalogue to keep the night alight. 

There was hardly any posturing or displacement as the vibe in The Zoo was thick with positivity. Remi and Sensible J take time from their professional set to gracefully encourage dialogue and address the issues within Australia and it’s people of colour. 

The night is set in flames by the performance of the 'Fire Sign' single and closed out with Kendrick Lamar’s 'Alright' with every artist from the night on stage. The way in which this tour nurtures culture and accomplishes such an open and welcoming sense of community is a testament to every performers art. The 'Fire Sign' tour has been conducted beautifully. 


Zed Facts

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