The Scientists @ The Triffid

Like being back in the 80's - minus the cigarette smoke

It was a massive night in town with so many choices, but The Scientists were definitely the top shelf pick of the bunch.

Kicking off their set at the Triffid were FOREVR and Some Jerks, two great Brisbane bands that amped up the energy of the crowd for the main act. It was good to see a good mix of female and male musicians dominating the stage as well.

When The Scientists took to the stage they immediately revved up the crowd with their energy and intensity. It was great to see Kim Salmon in front of the early line up including Leanne Chock (drums), Boris Sujdovic (bass), and Tony Thewlis (guitar), all looking and sounding like intense rock n rollers. 

Their setlist included some classics like Fire Escape, Happy Hour, Burn Out & of course Swampland, so it was a musical wonderland with massive licks, fine vocals, solid riffs, mixed tempo’s, intense sounds and basically thundering punk rock n roll which was enjoyed by everyone including the band. 

Not many mobile phones were being used, with a mixture of age groups enjoying the night, jostling Kim along the way regarding the set playlist - he “hates play list thieves”.   It was just like being back the 80’s with the bands image, sound and vibe - minus the cigarette smoke!   

Overall it was absolutely awesome!

Ian Prideaux

Zed Facts

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