Something for Kate @ The Triffid

Electricity in the air

Playng their first Brisbane club show in 4 years, legendary Australian band Something For Kate were back to deliver the dulcet rock tones we've all grown to know and love. Playing in iconic Brisbane venue The Triffid, and bringing along duo Slowly Slowly for the ride, it was sure to be a good night. 

Sowly Slowly opened up with a similar vibe to SFKs lead singer Paul Dempsey's solo work, which was a nice comparison to make for the already almost full room. (It appears an older crowd ALL arrive on door open time). The duet played on two guitars, and their soft, moody tones hushed the restless audience into submission as they played quickly through their setlist. Latest single Aliens was a set highlight, and finished the show on a high note. 

With just one support it didn't feel like it took very long for Something For Kate to take to the stage. Lightbulbs and wiring hung from the stage and backdrop, creating a subtly eerie stage vibe, which was strangely fitting for the ominous rock that was about to ensue. Opening with Anarchitect, the band charged into their set at full volition. Following up with  songs like AnchormanStand Up Jerry  and Star-Crossed Citizens SFK killed each song over and over again with their meticulous playing, rock solid musicality and professional stage chemistry. Paul Dempsey played solo for a few songs (to every woman in the crowds appreciation), before the band returned to play a few more tracks. They finished with belter Electricity, which brought the sold out crowd to an excited frenzy. 

It wasn't over yet though, as SFK had not yet played some of their most iconic songs. Opening the encore with crowd favourite Monsters (which invited a singalong from the crowd), Bank Robbers and The Last Minute not a minute of time was wasted on the stage.

There was something brewing in the air that made everyones hair stand on end - it could have been the pure electricity radiating off every molecule of the band as they played, or it could have been something more, I'm not sure. But I know something for sure - Something For Kate are a force to be reckoned with, and whatever they have coming is certainly gonna be good. 

Olivia Shoesmith

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