These New South Wales @ The Foundry

Leaving you hot and bothered

There’s nothing better to do on a Friday night then to grab a (couple) refreshing brewksies and see some “you’ve gotta see these guys LIVE” bands, along with your fellow pals.

Continuing with their “You Work For Us Tour”- These New South Whales announced a killer line up for their show on Friday 20th at the Foundry Brisbane,, with special guest- Sweater Curse & WHALEHOUSE.

Starting off the night the trio Sweater Curse had a subtle yet enticing intro playing with their first song. The group had a laid back vibe they were setting off with comments like “What are we playing next?” in between songs which made the audience quite chuffed with the band and their minimal sense of urgency. They began to heat up with their more upbeat songs (which are some good head bangers if I do say so myself) along with the nice dynamics of Chris and Monica switching lead vocals throughout the set. Playing their song song Fell Asleep second last all in all they left us feeling all warm and fuzzy (kinda like Chris’s guitar tone) ready for the next band.

Following them was the ever so chaotic three piece girl band  WHALEHOUSE. These girls don’t beat around the bush when it comes to making a statement, with their matching striped outfits  they were ready to show us exactly why they’re on everyone's radar. From the get go the crowd couldn’t turn away from the bedlam that ensued, track after track the two front girls Zoe and Amy switched between vocals and guitar in a performance so energetic it’d leave Cathy Freeman out of breath. With songs like Sexy Whale Beach Party and FRESH BREAD, this band of new wave rockers made it evident that they were the perfect precursor to the final act.

Around 11pm the luminous lights pulsated and the infamous pitched down vocal effect of These New South Whales played on repeat which rounded the listeners back up in front of the stage. The band appeared with their taped up nipples as Jamie (lead vocalist) poured water all over his body just because he could. They set the bar high with their first song, showing that they aren’t a band made up of guitar thrashing misfits, but a band made up of unbelievably talented musicians (noting that half of the band is made up of members from Sydney legends I Know Leopard). Insanity flourished as the set continued, causing one punter in particular to jump on stage and fling herself into the unsuspecting crowd, which, of course, prompted lead singer Jamie to do the same. Feedback roared throughout the building as the intro riff to Cholesterol Heart hyped the crowd to their peak, and as the song ended, so did the set as we were left yet again with the endless chanting of These New South Wales.

Another great Friday evening at The Foundry with some superb bands leaving you hot, bothered and wanting more.

Brittany Pierce


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