West Thebarton Brothel Party @ The Crowbar

When it's Saturday night and you need to get out, West Thebarton Brothel Party has you covered!

When it’s Saturday night, it’s usually time to party; but what do you do if you're sick of the same old party? You know, the one where that weird guy, who thinks you're mates, always steals your shoes (as a heaps funny joke) and when you make out with your crush it tastes suspiciously like vomit? Well, you go to see West Thebarton Brothel Party, who have never, ever disappointed me. When the line-up also includes local legends Concrete Surfers and Walken, there’s no denying that I simply had to go to this gig (and that I might lose my shoes at one point, although that would be my choice). 

To begin this shindig Concrete Surfers jumped up on stage to a pretty empty room but it wouldn't stay that way for long. With their unique mesh of garage, jangle-pop and surf they had people filling up the room in no time. By the third song a couple of degenerate youths started their own little mosh up the front whilst the surfers smashed out favourites like Roma Street, No More and Rad-Dale. All in all they were tight, energetic and put on a sweet show. 

Couple of beers and a ciggy and it’s Walkens turn to hit the stage. These locals have been on the scene for a while and consistently keep pumping out great tunes and epic live shows. Jumping straight into it with their heavy and filthy bass lines, these guys were bouncing off the walls from start to finish, with the crowd filling up even more as some more legends decided to join in on the pushing and shoving up the front. By the time it came to the end and they smashed out Eagle Eye the crowd was frothing over it, and I had a moment where I wished they had more great tunes to contribute to the inevitable tinnitus that will plague me as an old geezer. 

After a brief break from the hole in the ground I once more descended into the dungeon that is the gig room at Crowbar. My intentions were to have a blast and get sweaty and it was pretty much impossible not to. The last time that I saw these guys play they teared up the large hall that is The Brightside and they were ferocious in their delivery. But the Crowbar’s dungeon is much smaller, and their power and ferociousness peaked to a new level in that room. The up and coming seven piece took no prisoners, smashing out hits like Red and White, Dolewave and Glen McGrath whilst the feedback from all the overdriven guitars pierced our ears and the lead singers growls smashed us in the face. With sweat dripping down the faces of the band and the crowd, they finished off the set with their brand spanking new single Moving Out, with a bunch of the crowd bouncing around and passionately singing along. These guys were seriously good and hopefully they’ll be back in town soon with an album, cause I can’t get enough of ‘em. 

Kacper Majchrowski

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