Whiskey & Speed @ The Coronation Hotel

You wanted the whisky, you got the speed

Always a treat to see these local boys play Ippy.  Lisa and I rocked up at 9pm Friday 12th May to see Whiskey & Speed, a band like no other. They’re definitely my genre, more so than Lisa’s, so when she heard that The Coro had called this band “the most violent and destructive band to come to Ipswich” she looked terrified and moved further back.  Prog chicks, what do you do…

Still making good old Australian pub rock, these four boys have punk style, and a no holds barred sound -they’re explosive to watch. Like most seminal bands, Dayne (Vocals) and Ben (Guitar/Backing vox) met at school.  By 2011, they’d formed Whiskey & Speed with Loki (Bass/Backing vox), and Tre (Drums/Backing vox).  Phenomenal band members don’t need last names by the way!

Dayne could easily have fronted Pantera with those vocals, and overall their sound is similar to Darwin’s The Poor.  It’s always a lucky dip with these boys and they kicked off with Fuck Me Over, Sweet, and Braindead  - songs that are loud, fast and fun. The Coro is a perfect venue for Whiskey & Speed, having no stage.  Dayne launched himself full throttle at his fans, screaming in faces, and offering his microphone to anyone who wanted to scream too.  Punters loved every moment. They’re a generous band with a sense of humour, at one point telling the audience they were a Whiskey & Speed cover band.  We’d hate to see Dayne confined to a stage because he’d probably launch himself into the audience (not caring if anyone caught him) break his neck, and still get up and SCREAM IN YOUR FACE.

Dirty Daddy was hilariously fun, Sanity was a certified Aussie anthem if ever you’ve heard one, but it was their blasting cover of Misfits Last Caress that got the entire crowd instantly involved.  Who could blame them, the Misfits are huge in the punk scene. They also covered Melvins Night Goat, Primus Too Many Puppies, and closed with Pennywise BroHym.  

We won’t forget this gig for a long time, and took the chance to meet with them.  As loud and raw as their music is, they were genuine and down to earth guys. Every member signed my copy of New Dumb Idea and were happy to chat and hang with their fans.  Into sludgy grunge punk rock?  Grab your mates and catch Whiskey & Speed over a few brews, ‘cause we guarantee you won't be disappointed. 

Beau Wright and Lisa Bingham


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