Wolfmother @ The Triffid

Sweet raw rock

Wolfmother have an impressive history working in the music industry, with their career as a band spanning over a decade and ARIA and Grammy awards to prove their success; music blogs like Pitchfork have noted that their sound is “a balance between meaty vintage metal and crisp, stoner rock melodies.” In 2016 the band released their fourth album ‘Victorious’ with songs like ‘Love That You Give’ with a lyrical storyline that asks, “How do you react to adversities in life?” and Wolfmother’s answer is apparent in saying we should all try to utilise difficulties to be proactive and put positivity back into the world instead of being persuaded by the negativity, aggression and hatred that exists all around us. Lead singer Andrew Stockdale and Grammy winning producer Brendan O’Brien worked together on what has been described as an album you can listen to from beginning to end, and over again. With the success of the album the band has been playing gigs around The Americas, UK, Europe and Scandinavia with the ‘Gypsy Caravan’ tour before finishing the last few legs back home down under.

Sunday April 23rd Wolfmother returned to Brisbane with supporting acts The Immigration Union and Davey Lane. Walking up to the well-known Brissie venue The Triffid I can see the array of excited fans lined up as far as I can see and further around a bend - it was a good atmosphere and I can overhear loud punters talking about how much they adore the band, and how long they have waited to see them perform live. The support acts were both strong and kept the crowd amped for when the headliners took to stage, and they did not come out subtly or gracefully, they came with a kick to the face and sweet raw rock to the ears!

Wolfmother took to stage not long after 10:00pm leading the night with the song that titles the album ‘Victorious’ and with the engaging head wolf, Stockdale, taking charge as he leaps on stage front and centre encouraging fans that he is ready to put on a killer show; and that they did! Keyboard and Bassist, Ian Peres, is a prodigy in his own right commanding his section of the stage like a pro seamlessly switching from bass to keys more times than I could count mid songs. New member to the band is drummer Alex Carapetis so I was keeping an extra close eye on him going hard at it, keeping the rhythm flawlessly with each song. Drummers can let sitting comfy upstage centre keep them chill, but Carapetis’ consistent over the top playing kept the atmosphere on a high for the entirety of the performance - he is the perfect addition to the band.

Playing classics like ‘Colossal’ and ‘Joker’ had fans pushing closer towards the stage and each other; not one complainer around me, everyone just happy to be basking in the sweaty mosh pit and listening to a band that performs every song as if it might be their last. A sexy blend of rock and roll magic, and electrifying Pink Floyd like sounds I can say the show was thrilling from beginning to end; I have been playing them on repeat since.

Brianna Denmeade


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