Live Reviews

    Deadline Day! Woodford 2009 Broadcast!
    The 4ZzZ Woodford team are running up hills in the rain desperately collecting the final content for our broadcast TODAY!
  • The 09/10 Woodford Experience – Part 1
    As well as delivering the musical pleasures on offer at this festival straight to your wireless, we thought we’d also let you know about some of the other weird and wacky highlights of the Woodford experience.
  • The 2009 Woodford Experience – Part 3
    Day 3 has kicked off and the weather seems to be holding up.
    From the eyes of a festival virgin: Sounds of Spring
    I have never been to a music festival and been to two live shows in my almost twenty years on this planet. There are many reasons for this, one being I grew up in Bundaberg and it’s a cultural wasteland and since moving to Brisbane I am perpetually broke due to being a uni student.
  • Sounds of Spring 2009 Reviewed.
    You’d be forgiven for thinking that 2009’s Sounds of Spring was a government conspiracy to lure all the violent bogans in Brisbane into one concentrated area for scientific observation. Whilst shirtless, ass-grabbing, beer can-hurling jerks are an unfortunate certainty at just about any festival, today it seems like they constitute the vast majority of the crowd
  • Looking for something to do this weekend?
    The only place you need to go to have a good time this weekend is the backyard.
  • Interview with Violent Soho.
    In anticipation of their pending worldwide fame, 4ZZZ chatted to singer and guitarist Luke Boerdam about their travels, signing to Ecstatic Peace and smashing guitars.
  • Felinedown at The Alliance
    Brisbane band Felinedown play The Alliance supported by Fawn.
  • Lior - The Musician and the Puppet
    Lior @ Brisbane Powerhouse - 23 April 2009
  • Birds Of Tokyo at The Arena
    Well, the support acts finished and Tenacious D unexpectedly came through the speakers. Not exactly what I had in mind, but surprisingly it was forgotten when Birds of Tokyo took to the stage to rapturous cheers...