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Beaten child refugees in Nauru

Child refugees in Nauru have reported beatings and death threats after being physically assaulted on Sunday night. The unaccompanied boys are between 15-17 they reported being stopped by a group of Nauruan men on motorbikes when they were headed to their home.

The group, after finding out their refugee status began beating them and allegedly saying “ we will kill you, this is our country and no one can protect you, not even Save the Children or immigration”.

One boy was later left unconscious after the attack.

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Allegations of torture in Australian Child Welfare System

Allegations have risen against Australia's Child Welfare System. Stating occurances of electric shock treatment and other forms of torture in orphanages and foster homes with the last one as early as the late 1990s.

Care Leavers Australia Network (CLAN) are set to meet with the UN committee against torture in Geneva next week, when occurrences of physical and sexual abuse as well as torture, malnourishment and forced labour of the children. Reports have come foster homes, children's homes and orphanages over the past 100 years.

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Warnings over a surge in violence in Kashmir

India and Pakistan have traded warnings over a surge in violence in Kashmir which has killed at least 19 people.

India and Pakistan have traded warnings over a surge in violence in Kashmir which has killed at least 19 people.
While Each side accuses the other of starting hostilities which broke out a week ago, 19 civilians were killed since the fighting began last Friday, 11 from are from the Pakistani side while eight are from the Indian side.

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Brisbane's increasing abuse of Muslims

Brisbane's Muslim women, have increasingly been subject to both physical and verbal abuse amid terror raids and Australian military action in the Middle East.

Brisbane's Muslim women, have increasingly been subject to both physical and verbal abuse amid terror raids and Australian military action in the Middle East.

On Tuesday, Queensland police charged a 44-year-old man, in West End, after he allegedly threatened to light a woman's hijab on fire.The University of Queensland student, said that she was "stunned and sad" about the unprovoked attack.

Muslim community leader and Eidfest president Yasmin Khan said it was an unfortunate example of an increasing occurrence in Brisbane.

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Former NT superintendent to review juvenile detention

The Northern Territory Government has named the former superintendent of Long Bay jail, Michael Vita, to run its review of juvenile detention.

The move came as the Northern Territory's Aboriginal legal service called for urgent changes to the youth justice regime in the NT, pointing out that the territory's juvenile detention rate was six times the national average.

Attorney-General John Elferink said the review would focus on youth detention and not broader questions of youth justice.

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Campaign draws focus on foreign aid and tax injustice

Around 40 young people from Queensland joined over three hundred volunteers in Canberra last week to present a petition to senators and ministers asking the government to uphold their commitment to foreign aid and to address loopholes in corporate tax laws.

The movement, which has so far gathered over 8000 signatures of support from the public, politicians and public figures, hopes to draw attention to Australia’s relatively meagre contribution to foreign aid compared to other developed nations.

Hong Kong government threatens protesters

Hong Kong pro-democracy demonstrators have partially abandoned two protest sites in the city's centre as a government-imposed deadline to clear the streets approaches.

The government has given protesters until Monday morning to get off the streets so schools and businesses can resume as normal.

If not they have been threatened with unspecified consequences.

At a news conference late on Sunday, student leaders said there was no agreement yet with government officials for any future dialogue to try to end the deadlock.

Eight Indonesians killed in illegal mine collapse

According to a local search and rescue official, eighteen people have been killed after an illegal gold mine collapsed in remote central Indonesia.

The collapse occurred before noon on Saturday local time in a hilly area in West Kalimantan where illegal gold mining is rampant.

Illegal gold mining has boomed in Indonesia in recent years as the price of the precious metal has surged and deaths are common.

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Six month wait for dole a human rights violation

New laws proposing young people wait 6 months before accessing welfare are in breach of Australia’s human rights obligations according to a bipartisan parliamentary report.

The Joint Committee on Human Rights found the tough new measure to be “incompatible with the right to social security and the right to an adequate standard of living”.

The report also found that raising the Newstart allowance age from 22 to 25 was a breach of rights to equality and non-discrimination on the basis of age.

The new rules are scheduled to be debated in parliament this week.

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Concerns for mentally ill asylum seekers

The Australian Lawyers Alliance have said they are concerned mentally ill asylum seekers are being detained and are set to be forcibly repatriated to their home countries.

The Alliance said there have been several recent instances of asylum seekers living in the community being detained in the early hours of the morning including people with mental health issues.

An Immigration Department spokeswoman said the claims are disingenuous and inflammatory and that these people have been determined not to be refugees and it is "time for them to go home".

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