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An insight into Trump's immigration ban and Australia's Response PART 1

There has been a lot of talk about Trump’s executive order which put a stop to refugee acceptance and also banned people coming from certain countries. You’ve probably heard a lot of stories coming out because of this ban such as the protests and the first Australian to be denied access to the US because of his dual citizenship with Iran.  Its been a huge issue and will continue to be covered as it goes on but I thought it would be great to have an indepth discussion about what this deal does specifically and what it means for refugee policy in the world.

World Heritage Sites Destroyed by Human Activity

A University of Queensland study has found more than 100 Natural World Heritage sites are being destroyed by encroaching human activity. (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

The study shows the human footprint has increased 63 percent over the past two decades in all continents except for Europe.

The human footprint includes roads, agriculture, urbanisation, industrial infrastructure and deforestation.

New Research Project in Support of Treatment for Alcohol, Drugs and Mental
The effectiveness of treatments for addiction and mental health in Queensland will be explored in research conducted by a new Professor of Alcohol, Drugs and Mental Health.

First Australian barred from entering the US and more Zedlines

A 15-year-old Melbourne school boy is the first reported Australian affected by the US’s seven country ban, being denied for a holiday visa to visit America on a school trip.(source: wikimedia)

The teen visited the US consulate in Melbourne yesterday, when his visa was rejected by authorities for holding a dual citizenship of Iran and Australia.

This rejection comes despite the dual national being born and residing in Australia.

The seven countries affected by the new law are Libya, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Yemen and Somalia.


QLD National Park to lose land due to Defence Base Expansion

Queensland national park and conservation land could be overtaken by the Federal Government in their plans to expand a Defence Department military base.

Queensland national park and conservation land could be overtaken by the Federal Government in their plans to expand a Defence Department military base.

National Parks Minister Steven Miles, says they are very concerned about that plan, and what could happen to conservation land, including 11 endangered species that call that conservation park home.

Dr Miles says he has written to the Commonwealth demanding a briefing on the details of the plan.

Chinese New Year Celebrations to occur in the Valley and more Zedlines

Chinese New Year celebrations are set to kick off in Brisbane tonight and continue over the weekend. (Image Source Pixabay)

Fortitude Valley’s Chinatown Mall will play host to the ‘Year of the Rooster’ festivities, with lion dancers, cultural performances, market stalls and much more. There will also be a special parade celebrating the most important day in the Chinese calendar.


The event offers attendees a chance to enjoy and take part in the cultural diversity of Brisbane.


New Legislation to protect Taxi drivers

New legislation to protect the Taxi Industry will be introduced into Queensland Parliament by Katter’s Australian Party.


Foreign Minister calls on Trump to take action in Asia-Pacific and more Zedlines...

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has called on US president Donald Trump to take more action within the Asia Pacific region.(Image Source: Wikimedia)


In her speech, Ms Bishop says most Asian countries would like more US power within the region rather than other countries calling the shots.


This comes after Chinese President (Shi) Xi Jinping issued a warning to the US for Trump to stay clear of the Asia-Pacific region, saying the problems of this region affect the people who live there and them alone.

Queensland welcomes 600 new citizens

Almost six hundred people officially became Australian citizens, yesterday, at a ceremony in Brisbane.


Protections of transgender students in the US withdrawn and more Zedlines

President Donald Trump has withdrawn federal protections for transgender students in public schools. Image Source: flickr

Former Democratic President Barack Obama put these protections in place to allow transgender children to use bathrooms corresponding with their chosen gender identity.

American Federation of Teachers President Rendi Weingarten said this is going to put transgender children’s safety at risk.


Political donations to be made public

Political donations in Queensland must now be publicly disclosed within 7 days in a bid to improve transparency.

Labor plans to fight for Sunday penalty rates

Federal Labor has announced plans for new legislation to protect workers' Sunday penalty rates .

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten will speak to the John Curtin Research Centre tonight about the new legislation and announce that while he will consider changing the rules, he does not plan to legislate a floor rate.

The legislation will prevent cuts to penalty rates for hundreds of thousands of already low-paid workers.

PHOTO: WikiCommons


Brisbane landmark buildings to go - Queenswarf complex takes place

Children return to school in recaptured East Mosul

Thousands of Iraqi children have returned to school in eastern Mosul after two years under jihadist rule.

The United Nations Children’s Fund says 30 schools have reopened allowing 16,000 children to return to the education system.

Government forces have removed Islamic Militants from the area, however the area is yet to be declared safe with deadly fighting reported in eastern mosul on Tuesday.

Forty additional schools are set to reopen in the coming weeks after a final check for unexploded ordnances in the area.

Photo: Flickr/DVIDSHUB


Inala TAFE doubles in size to help job seekers and new arrivals and more Zedlines

TAFE Queensland Inala campus has doubled its teaching area with a $3.4 million expansion officially opened today by Premier and local member Annastacia Palaszczuk. (Image Source: wikimedia commons)

The expansion includes ten new semi-demountable classrooms, an extra 65 carparks and new toilet facilities for TAFE Queensland’s multicultural students.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the expansion was necessary to meet the increased demand for English classes for migrants and refugees and training for job seekers.

NDIS boosts Toowoomba job opportunities

Up to 1,100 jobs could be created in the Toowoomba region as the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) rolls out locally from this month.