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Shiite Militia Joins Fight Against Islamic State In Mosul

Fighters from the Iraqi sanctioned Shiite militias have joined in the push to cut off Islamic State fighters in Mosul after suicide bombers killed 17 people in a residential Shiite neighbourhood.

Queensland Government, best place to work

Queensland public servants say they have the most attractive employer in the state, according to a survey by HR company Randstad.

The Queensland government outshined private companies such as Virgin and environmental consulting, engineering and architecture company, GHD scoring second and third respectively.  

Fisherman on the shelf: Australia Negotiate Deal to Protect Ross Sea

The European Union, and twenty-four nations, have signed a landmark agreement to protect a 1.1 square kilometre section of water at the Ross Sea in Antarctica. (Image Source: Wikipedia)

The international agreement will create the world’s largest marine park by setting a no-take “general protection zone”, allowing no fishing at all.

A breakthrough was finally reached after five years of negotiations, with Australia brokering the deal. 

Scientists have estimated the Southern Ocean produces around three-quarters of the life sustaining nutrients needed in our oceans, making the deal critical to the ongoing health of the ocean’s ecosystem.

Logan Motorway tolls to continue until 2051

Indigenous incarceration inquiry labelled "waste of taxpayers money", and more Zedlines...

Warren Mundine slammed the setting up of an inquiry into Aboriginal incarceration as a massive waste of taxpayers money. (Image Source: Pixabay)

Indigenous Advisory Council chairman slams Aboriginal incarceration inquiry

The chairman of the Prime Minister’s Indigenous Advisory Council has slammed the setting up of an inquiry into Aboriginal incarceration as a massive waste of taxpayers money.

Chairman Warren Mundine questioned the Australian Law Reform Commission’s motives, and asked which “dickhead” had thought up the inquiry.

Since the 1991 royal commission into Aboriginal deaths in custody, the number of Indigenous Australians in prison has almost doubled from 14 per cent, to 27 per cent.

Queensland Rail bosses step down and more Zedlines

Two Queensland Rail bosses have stepped down in the wake of timetable issues that saw more than one hundred services cancelled last week. (Photo source: Wikipedia)

Chief executive Helen Gluer and chairman Michael Klug resigned yesterday afternoon as Queensland Rail warned of more service disruptions to come.

Opposition leader Tim Nicholls is calling for Queensland Transport minister Stirling Hinchliffe to step down over the timetable troubles, though the LNP repeatedly refused to answer whether they reduced train instructor numbers during their term in government.


Offensive edits made to Wikipedia articles

Salmonella superbug threatens Australia and more Zedlines

Shelter your children and your pets: evidence of a highly drug resistant salmonella superbug has been discovered in domestic animals living in Australia. image source: wikimedia

The bug was discovered after a cat from a shelter was taken to Sydney vet with a serious gut infection last year. Another three cats at the veterinary were tested and found to be carrying the bacteria, which indicates the bug is highly transferable.

The superbug has a resistance to nine classes of drugs that are used as a life-saving defense against disease in humans and animals.

Experts believe this rare and unusual resistance may pose a serious threat to public health.


Cemetery tour operatiors to help with restorations

Further Earthquakes strike Italy and more Zedlines

Central Italy has been struck by two strong earthquakes in what is likely aftershocks of the major earthquake which struck the region in August (image source: Wikimedia Commons).

The 5.5 and 6.1 magnitude quakes hit the Macerata province early in the morning, causing significant structural damage to the town’s older building.

Although there have been no deaths reported the emergency services in the area are still assessing the situation.

Queensland Rail CEO steps down over Redcliffe line troubles

Queensland Rail’s Chief-executive Helen Gluer has stood down amid criticism over the the handling of the opening of the new Redcliffe line.

Tasmanian Greens push for begging to be decriminalised and more Zedlines

Human rights advocates support the move, however Tasmanian Police Minister Rene Hidding says the government does “not have plans to change the law.”

Graziers seeking compensation following national park bungle

The Queensland Government is being pressured to apologise to up to 83 graziers whose properties may have been mistakenly made into national parks.

Grazier Sharon Lohse obtained documents under the freedom of information act which showed no proper assessment was completed prior to her cattle grazing lease being turned into a national park.

Environment Minister Steven Miles acknowledged the family's leasehold was never properly assessed.  

Queensland Premier Demands Answers After 100 Cancelled Trains In Brisbane

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says she will not rule out sackings at Queensland Rail following major disruptions to Brisbane’s network

Queensland Premier Demands Answers After 100 Cancelled Trains In Brisbane

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says she will not rule out sackings at Queensland Rail following major disruptions to Brisbane’s network.

Palaszczuk says the network is fundamental to South-East Queensland and wants to know why her Minister was not informed about the issues earlier.

More than 100 trains have been cancelled because not enough drivers were trained to operate the new Redcliffe Peninsula line, which opened earlier this month.

Standing Tall: Giant Dinosaur Found in Central Queensland

The remains of a new barrel-bellied giant dinosaur have been discovered in central-west Queensland. Image Source: Wikipedia

The 95-million-year-old fossils were dug up from clay-rich soil over two years in Winton, with the largest individual bone, the animal's upper arm, weighing about 100kg.

Earthmoving equipment and specialised tools were used to remove the remains of the giant herbivore, a creature which is believed to have once stood as tall as six metres.


100 Queensland Rail services cancelled: Buses replace trains

Heavy delays are expected on the wider-Brisbane rail network today after 100 services were cancelled.

Homeless community evicted from beneath West End's Go-Between bridge, and more Zedlines...

Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk offers to re-home Go-Between Bridge evictees within the city. (Image Source: Wikipedia)

Council evicts homeless community from the Go-Between bridge

Brisbane Council workers and Police have removed a group of homeless living beneath the West End’s Go-Between Bridge.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk has defended the decision, with the camp receiving one hour of notice before their eviction.

Mayor Quirk has offered the people housing within the city, and said he cannot allow a township to grow under the Go-Between Bridge.