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Coral bleaching at Barrier Reef could cost 1 billion in lost tourism revenue, and more Zedlines

The ongoing coral bleaching at the Great Barrier Reef could cost Australia one billion dollars in lost tourism revenue as the number of visitors have plummeted by more than one million people per year. (image source: Flickr)

Croc jobs to be announced in Cairns

Minister for Environment Dr Steven Miles is expected to announce new regional jobs for wildlife officers in Cairns later this morning.

The announcement will also include the appointment of a high-level specialist as part of the Government’s 5.8 million dollar commitment to crocodile management in the region.

Dr Miles announcement is scheduled for 10am this morning.

Coral bleaching at Barrier Reef could cost 1 billion in lost tourism revenue

Rome votes in first female mayor and more Zedlines

Rome has elected its first female mayor in it’s two thousand year history (image source: Flickr)

Asbestos concerns on the Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast authorities are investigating whether residents have been exposed to asbestos in the wake of the storm system that tore through the city on Sunday night.

Roofs were torn off and strewn all over streets in Mooloolaba, and Inspector Matt Wilson from the Police District says his team is investigating whether or not there was asbestos in any of the roofs.

Fiona Simpson, member for Maroochydore says she understands there is a genuine concern.

QLD Youth Law amendments passed

Super corals may limit reef bleaching - and more Zedlines

With two-thirds of the 500,000 square kilometres of reefs remaining lost or in poor shape, Australian scientists aim to counteract some of the effects of coral bleaching. (Image source: Wikipedia)

Liberal party defends Parakeelia

Brisbane City Council's Labor opposition said tens of thousands of dollars of ratepayers' money has flowed to Parakeelia since 2009.

Parakeelia is a Liberal Party owned company which has transferred more than a million dollars into Liberal accounts over the past three years.

Liberal politicians have defended the company as lawful and professionally run, saying they will assist with any relevant inquiries.


Queensland Government to financially support kindergardens

224 killed in Syrian Civil War and more Zedlines

Budget plans to overhaul OP system, Bill Shorten indicates Indigenous treaty possibility, 224 killed in Syrian Civil War and more 10am Zedlines. (image source: Wikipedia)

Wetlands restoration key to improving reef’s water quality

Dr Nathan Waltham, a freshwater ecology expert from James Cook University says restoring Queensland’s tens of thousands of coastal wetlands is crucial to the Great Barrier Reef’s future.

Dr Waltham is urging state and federal governments to improve the conditions of the 13 000 coastal wetlands in the reef’s catchments to ameliorate water quality.

Victorian committee recommends euthanasia reform - and more Zedlines

A parliamentary committee in Victoria has recommended reforms that would allow doctors to assist the deaths of patients with a terminal illness. (Image Source: flickr)

Research turns waste into electricity 

A Queensland researcher has discovered a new, more efficient way to turn human waste into renewable electricity.

Advanced Water Management Centre researcher Dr Shihu Hu developed a way to recover more methane gas than with traditional waste treatment.

Dr Hu said his method could save hundreds of thousands of dollars at energy facilities.


Doctors call for better rural healthcare 

Religious education under review after programs attempt to convert children - and more Zedlines

Windsor State School principal believes lesson materials solicit children to become Christian. (Source:

Religious education under review

Religious education in Queensland state schools will be reviewed after a Brisbane principal raised concerns religious programs were attempting to convert children.

Windsor State School principal Matthew Keong said lesson materials often go beyond imparting knowledge of biblical references, and solicit children to become Christian.

Education Minister Kate Jones said the materials in question will be reviewed according to the Department of Education policies.


Manus Island could be closed before election

Manus Island detainees could be release the custody of the Australian government two days before the election. (source: flickr)

Developments in renewable energy

A Queensland researcher discovered a new way to turn human waste into renewable electricity.

Advanced Water Management Centre researcher Dr Shihu Hu developed a way to recover more methane gas than with traditional waste treatment.

Dr Hu said his method could save hundreds of thousands of dollars at energy facilities, and could see them become energy neutral.


Religious education under review

UN Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights find Eritrea guilty - and more Zedlines

The Government has committed crimes since the calling of Eritrea's independence in 1991. (Source:

Healthcare improvements to rural areas 

The Rural Doctors Association of Australia have come together with the Australian Medical Association to bring about healthcare improvements in rural areas.

A study published by RDAA president and Queensland GP Dr Ewen McPhee highlighted significant discrepancies and disadvantages in rural healthcare.

Dr McPhee called for a national approach to the issue, which entails uniform treatment of patients no matter their location as well as standardised training for rural health professionals.

Time in green space improves mental health - and more Zedlines

Time in green space improves mental health, Grandmother avoids sentence for medicinal marijuana, Police case against cheating Indian students and more Zedlines

Time in green space improves mental health

Recent research conducted by the University of Queensland has found that even a small amount of time spent in green spaces can lead to measurable improvements in a person’s health. 

University of Queensland Associate Professor Richard Fuller says spending 30min or more in outdoor green spaces each week can decrease prevalence of depression by 7 percent, and high blood pressure 9 percent. 

NSW flood victims unlikely to be insured and more Zedlines

NSW flood victims unlikely to be insured, green tree frog flown to hospital after being run over by lawnmower and more Zedlines...

Spider venom to be used to treat digestive conditions


A group of researchers from the University of Queensland and University of Adelaide have collected venom from hundreds of spiders and scorpions to understand how venoms activate pain signals.


They say pain associated with digestive conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome, could be treated with tarantula venom.


They found a toxin in tarantula venom activated a sodium channel in the skin’s nerves, which transmits a mechanical pain response sent to the brain.