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Adani head tied to Zambian river poisoning, increased visa fees to incentivise people-smuggling and more 11am Zedlines

The Kafue river was heavily polluted and is the third largest tributary to the Zambezi in Zambia (above). Source: WikiCommons

Adani head tied to Zambian river poisoning

The Chief Executive of the Australian arm of Adani has been linked to a mining pollution case in Africa, prompting renewed questions about the company’s suitability to run the Carmichael coal mine in Queensland.

A report by Environmental Justice Australia reveals Jeyakumar Janakaraj held senior roles at a mining company which pleaded guilty to criminal charges over the poisoning of a river in Zambia, before taking up his role heading Adani’s Australian operations.

Diabetes crippling Australia's health care, EU to strike a deal with Turkey over refugees and more 10am Zedlines

Kurdish refugee camp in Kobani on the Turkey/Syria border. Source: WikiCommons

Uber defends its rights despite Katter opposition

Uber has defended its rights to operate in Queensland, saying they are a ridesharing service that is fundamentally different to a taxi service.

The statement comes after Katter’s Australian Party MP, Robbie Katter, introduced a bill which would see Uber drivers lose their license if they were caught driving for the service three times.

Eight out of ten Australians support constitutional change - and more 10am Zedlines

Protest outside the Department of Immigration, eight out of ten Australians support constitutional change, and majority of Syrian refugee children are not being educated.

Protest outside the Department of Immigration

The Refugee Action Collective has called a protest outside the Department of Immigration for 12pm today.

The Collective will be protesting against the Australian Detention system’s perceived cruelty, including the long term detention of detainees on Christmas Island, Nauru and Manus Island.

Border Force strike causes national delays...AND MORE 9AM ZEDLINES!

Australia's food wastage problem

Every year Australians throw out eight billion dollars worth of edible food, most of which goes into landfill and eventually turns into greenhouse gases.

Now, Dr Geremy Farr-Warton of QUT’s Urban Informatics Research Lab has asked Australians to be more open to food sharing.

A study, which he conducted, found reluctant attitudes towards sharing leftovers with strangers was not helping Australia’s domestic food waste problem.

Death toll confirmed following Pakistan factory collapse and more 11am Zedlines

A multistory building collapses in Pakistan in 2013. Image source: Wiki commons.

Picket for asylum-seeker rights in central Brisbane

Refugee supporters this morning staged a picket outside the Wilson Carpark in the city, shutting down the Ann St entrance for an hour before it was forcibly moved on by police.

The picket was to protest against Wilson Parking’s subsidiary company Wilson Security, who are contracted at Australia’s offshore detention centres in Manus Island and Nauru.

The gender wage gap, mars, genetically engineered immune cells, and more 8am Zedlines

New discoveries on Mars' atmosphere reveal a changeable atmosphere and its very own Northern lights. Source: Wikicommons

New study: work out to de-stress

The Queensland University of Technology has found exercise could be used to treat post-traumatic stress disorder.

QUT exercise psychologist, Robbie Mullins, has designed a program for current and former defense personnel and first responders who suffer from the condition.

Mr Mullins says he and his team look at exercise as an addition to psychotherapy and medication to help people recover from PTSD.

Gender wage gap wider than past decades

9am Zedlines - Human Rights Watch report finds the cries of female domestic violence victims in Papua New Guinea are falling on deaf ears.

Women who are victims of domestic violence in Papua New Guinea are going unprotected by the government, neglecting their need for safety and subsequently forcing them into staying with abusive partners. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Katter MP voices support for air rifles

Katter Party federal MP, Shane Knuth, has called for air rifles to be exempt from gun laws to help tackle pests such as cane toads and myna birds.

The proposed firearm policy would relax various laws regarding gun ownership, and is also set to include the re-establishment of duck hunting season, a wild venison industry, and the exportation of wild game products.

Mr Katter says he does not expect the firearm policy to receive any support from major parties.

Call for Royal Commission: Amnesty International compiles evidence of official complicity with people smugglers

Amnesty International have produced a report detailing official complicity with people smugglers and neglience of asylum seekers. Spokesperson from Amnesty Australia, Stephanie Cousins, explains how the report and collected evidence will be used in the groups call for a royal commission.


TTCC scrapped with better solution on the cards.. and more 11am zedlines

The contentious Tertiary Transport Concession Card will be scrapped, with new GoCard technology to be implemented in early 2016. [image: Nomad on the Road]

Shorten woos QLD with regional sports stadiums

Opposition leader Bill Shorten will visit Townsville today where he is expected to announce plans to fund a sports super stadium expected to come in at $100 million.

Mr Shorten flagged at the beginning of the year that Labour would develop a regional Queensland focus over 2015.

The move comes as political commentators flags Queensland to be a potential federal election decider.

Doctors warn a GST on health could hurt - and more 10am zedlines

Tasmanian doctors warn taxing health services could deter the people who need medical attention most. [image: Public Domain]

QLD Gov to allow more dredging at Cairns Port

The Queensland government has paved the way for capital dredging at the Cairns Port, despite it still not being labelled a "priority port".

State Development Minister Anthony Lynham announced Labor's plan to amend the Sustainable Ports Development Bill. The changes will allow Ports North to dredge up to 50,000 cubic metres of material per project, which adds up to a total of 150,000 cubic metres in a four-year period.