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New Australian of the Year vows to continue work of predecessor - and more 11am Zedlines!

Former chief of army says he will continues the work of Rosie Batty to combat domestic violence

Queensland parents embrace new tech

New research shows Queensland parents are embracing new technology and online learning to help better prepare their children for the digital future.

The NBN Digital Parenting Report shows that more that 76 per cent of parents recognise the need to harness the internet for education in the home.

The report also found that parents are using online learning as a way to view the content their child is being taught.


Palmer playing in the shadows

Triple M under fire - and more 10am Zedlines:

Radio network Triple M, an official partner of domestic violence, is facing criticism over former Labor leader Mark Latham's aired negative comments on domestic violence. (Image Source: Flickr Creative Commons)

Compensation offers, a slap in the face:

Compensation offered to unpaid or underpaid Indigenous workers in Queensland is being called a slap in the face.

Pauline Hannam was put to work cleaning the Cherbourg girls dormitory she lived in as a child, and is among a group of Indigenous people whose wages and savings were heavily controlled by successive Australian governments until the 1970s.  

Nickel workers compensated after factory closure and more 8AM Zedlines

The federal government has offered a redundancy package to help Clive Palmer's Queensland Nickel workers transition into new jobs. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Toowoomba house fire claims life

A southern Queensland man has died in a house fire overnight.

Emergency services were called to a Dalby residence, north-west of Toowoomba, late last night.

The body of the man was found after firefighters had extinguished the blaze.

#FreeTheNipple - and more 11am Zedlines:

Approximately 50 women have gathered in West End to bring the #freeTheNipple campaign to Brisbane. (Image Source: Flickr Creative Commons)


A group of around 50 women gathered in West End’s Orleigh Park on Sunday afternoon in an event aimed at desexualising the nipple.

Women, children, non-binary and transgender people of all ages joined the picnic to share their stories and create a safe space where they did not feel sexualised or shamed.

Created as an event on Facebook, the page drew aggression and criticism from some and calls for the event to be more inclusive, unintentionally highlighting the difference between gender and sex.

Harsh new refugee laws in Denmark and more 8am Zedlines

Development near Customs House under fire from UQ, call for herpes virus to be used on problem carp in Murray-Darling, harsh new refugee laws in Denmark and more 8am Zedlines (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Brisbane MP new office selection process comes under fire

Liberal MP for Brisbane Teresa Gambaro has drawn criticism for moving her office into a building whose ownership is linked to former Queensland Liberal leader Terry White.

The revelations about Ms Gambaro’s move to Newstead prompted federal Labor MP for Griffith Terri Butler to call for more transparency in the process.

Hundreds of Armed Right-Wing Militia Members Take Over Federal Building - And more 10am Zedlines

Police are prepared to wait out armed militia members who have taken over a government building in Harney County, Oregon, and plan to occupy the building for several years and turn it into a safe haven. (Image source:

In local news…

No interested Mayoral candidates: Moreton Bay Regional Council

NO mayoral candidates have declared their interest in running for the top job at next year’s Moreton Bay Regional Council elections, in March.

Queensland University of Technology election expert Dr Mary Crawford said she was not surprised no one had put up their hand to run for mayor with “ugly politics” creeping in during recent State and Federal elections.

Women’s only buses in Port Moresby - and more 9am Zedlines

No men allowed on new buses in Port Moresby in a bid to increase safety for women in the city. (Image Source: Wikipedia (labeled for reuse.))

Legionella case at Wesley Hospital:

Patients at the Wesley Hospital are being monitored after one palliative care patient tested positive to the deadly legionella pneumophila bacteria.

Hospital CEO Terence Seymour says it could take weeks to determine the source of the contamination after the bacteria was found in an ice machine in the patient’s ward.

A 2013 scare saw one patient die of the lung infection, effectively closing the hospital for two weeks.

Dinosaurs on the move to Roma - and more 8am Zedlines

Could 3D printing bring Dinosaurs back to their final resting places in a bid for tourism? (Image Source: Flickr Creative Commons)

3D Dinosaurs for Roma:

A town in South West Queensland is looking to use 3D printing to build a replica dinosaur.

The bones of a Rhoetosaurus, discovered in Roma in 1924 are currently being kept in the Queensland Museum in Brisbane, however Maranoa Council want to replicate the large herbivore to attract tourists.

A printed dinosaur would enable more interactive learning experiences for young children.

Oman Ama residents reject nuclear facility:

'Revenge Porn' Uploaded by Your Ex-lover to be Criminalised

By Eliot Rifkin

Have you been in a deep intimate relationship and have taken private explicit pictures together? Or used Social apps like Shapchat, Grindr and Tinder or just shared cheeky photos with friends on your phone? Your digital footprint is somewhat permanent.

So, be wise on how you photograph yourself.  Relationships can change and get ugly and many Australians are now finding these compromising photos published online by their Ex as 'Revenge Photos' humiliating them with future employers.

Libyan politicians sign UN-sponsored peace deal - and more 11am Zedlines

Nouri Abusahmain, leader of the New General National Congress in Libya, one of the parties with power in Libya. Image Source: WikiCommons

QLD debt plan deemed short-term and unsustainable

A report released yesterday by Queensland’s auditor-general Andrew Greaves has criticised the government’s debt plan as short-term and unsustainable.

The plan, which was outlined in the state budget earlier this year, aims to reduce an estimated eighty billion dollars in debt through funneling funds towards government-owned power companies and adjusting some public servant benefits.