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Liam Enese, 16-year-old Gold Coast man dies of pneumonia, Financial Counselling Australia says betting agencies should be banned from extending credit,Alec Doomadgee prevented from taking ceremonial boomerangs on board flight(Image: Liam Enese, Gold Coast Buletin.)

In local news...

Teenager Liam Enese caught a cold on Monday last week. The otherwise healthy, 16-year-old Gold Coast resident died on Thursday apparently from the common illness..

Dr John Gerrard says the Gold Coast is currently in the grip of a “very significant influenza epidemic”. Doctors say Liam fell victim to pneumonia that can quickly develop as a complication of influenza.

Sarah Enese, Liam’s mother, said yesterday that Liam was a fit and active teenager who loved playing basketball and had no signs of illness.

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Ekka Showgrounds Heritage Dispute

Two large block of land at the RNA Ekka Showgrounds may have cleared for apartment building before they had been taken off the the Queensland Heritage Register.

The revelations, made by the Brisbane Times, bring into question the Council’s independence.

It is illegal to clear a site listed on the register before it is approved by the Queensland Heritage Council.

But Apartment towers have already been built on one cleared parcel of land whilst the other is now a construction site with sold out apartments.

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Two Missing Queensland Girls

Queensland police have spent the weekend searching for two teenage girls in separate missing person cases.

16 year old Jayde Kendall was last seen on Highview avenue in Gatton at 3.15 Friday afternoon.

Police hold grave concerns for her wellbeing as she has not contacted family or friends and her disappearance is out of character.

French tourist Margot Nguyen fled Kangaroo Point after a fight with her mother in the earlier this morning.

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Australia’s only Cassowary sanctuary has been allocated an interim funding package from the state government in anticipation of the sanctuary’s closing. (image source; Flickr Creative Commons.)

Cassowary Sanctuary receiving interim funding in anticipation of closure:

Private funding to the Garner's Beach Cassowary Rehabilitation Facility in Mission Beach stopped last July - raising environmental and community concern towards the population othe endangered species.

Refugee activists crash the ALP National Conference

On the weekend, the Australian Labour Party held their national conference in Melbourne. The controversial topic of asylum seeker boat turn backs were on the table again after Opposition Leader Bill Shorten came out supporting the policy of turn backs last week.

During the debate on asylum seeker policies, a group of 5 independent activists broke into the conference building, and stormed the stage in protest of Labor’s possible adoption of a turn back policy. In our next story, 4zzz reporter John Ballot interviews a member of that group, Nicole Kurby.

Why Gunatanamo Bay may remain open.

In 2009, President Barack Obama famously promised the closure of the Guantanamo Bay detention center, and spokesman Josh Earnest has said that the the White House is in the 'Final Stages' of its plans to close the facility.

4ZZZ Journalist Martin Brown interviews Professor Chris Jenks, a former chief of the US Army's international Law Branch in the Pentagon about his thoughts on its closure, and he does not feel very optimistic about the plans to close the facility.

Originally Broadcast 28 July 2015

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Violence escalates on Manus Island

The refugee detention centre on Manus Island has a long history of violence and cover ups, with the latest reports alleging a young woman was raped by ex-pat security guards, while a young man lost his hand in a machete attack. An investigation has been launched, however the guards in question have been sent away, denying the investigation their testimony. We spoke to Ian Rintoul, an advocate with the Refugee Action Collective, about this situation, and what could be done.

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QLD Treasurer to release budget on Tuesday afternoon, with business, tourism and welfare all hoping to gain. Meanwhile, Vietnam medical history to be rewritten and Abbott to cut wind and solar spending. (Image: Dave Hunt, ABC)

In local news…

Labor Government expected to announce a return to surplus

The current Labor Government is expected to announce a return to surplus today when it hands down its first budget today.

The government has ruled against dipping into super fund offset to falling mining companies, but is reportedly considering a temporary halt to payments.

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Queensland Government to announce a return to surplus in Tuesday's budget, and Federal Government to cut spending on wind and solar renewable energy. (Image: Tim Phillips, Flickr)

In local news...

Ute plunges into Brisbane river

A Ute has plunged into the Brisbane River off Kingsford Smith Drive this morning.

It is understood that the 51 year old man behind the wheel suffered a minor medical condition. He was able to escape the ute as it was sinking and has been taken to the Royal Brisbane Hospital in a stable condition.

Large delays are expected on Kingsford Smith Drive this morning as the ute is removed from the river.

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Bacteria found in Australian ticks can cause similar symptoms to Lyme disease and Egypt's top public prosecutor assassinated. (Image: ABC)

In local news..

Push for Southeast Queensland mayors to trial alternative means to finance infrastructure

There has been a push from Southeast Queensland mayors to trial an alternative means of financing infrastructure projects.

Modeled of a European scheme in place in 28 cities, the plan would allow the large number of road, rail and health projects needed to cope with the growing congestion.