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Third Melbourne Council Abandons Australia Day Celebrations and more Zedlines...

A third Melbourne council has voted to abandon official Australia day celebrations. (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Moreland city council has now passed a motion stating that the “council believes it is not an appropriate date for an inclusive national celebration, as January 26 marks the beginning of the British invasion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander lands and oppression of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.”

Moreland city council has now joined neighbouring councils Yarra and Darebin in dropping all references to Australia Day on January 26.

Kevin Rudd’s Godson Physically Attacked Over Defending Marriage Equality Posters

Council Making Millions from Littering Fines in the Valley and More Zedlines...

Over two thirds of all Brisbane littering fines issued last year were from the Fortitude Valley nightclub district, according to the latest figures. (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

In total, these fines have made $1.5 million for Brisbane City Council, but the fines certainly aren’t great for punters.

Simon Turner from the Fortitude Valley Safe Night Out Precinct said people are being fined as much as $250 for dropping cigarette butts on the footpath.

Mr Turner also said the council were hiring police officers to work with ticket inspectors who targeted customers lined up outside of clubs.

Volunteer Lifeguard Return to Shore

Refugee Camp Receives Football Pitch and More Zedlines...

Syrian refugees in Jordan’s largest refugee camp now have a football pitch, which was built as part of efforts to normalise life for the displaced people living in the camp. (Image source: Pixabay)

Funded by FIFA and the Union of European Football Associations, the football pitch will become a place of relief for those who are currently living in caravans in Jordan’s al-Zaatari camp.

Syria’s civil war is now in its seventh year, and infrastructure in improving in the camp in an effort to normalise the lives of the 8000 Syrians who have fled to al-Zaatari.

More on Offer from Redcliffe Ferry

Following its maiden voyage a fortnight ago, the Redcliffe2MoretonExpress ferry will run an extra weekly service and offer discounts for local residents.

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Thousands flood Brisbane streets to march for same-sex marriage

Brisbane’s CBD was filled with thousands of people over the weekend to march for same-sex marriage.

Streets were closed as the city centre was flooded with rainbow flags and passionate citizens urging people to vote ‘YES’ on the upcoming postal poll.

The High Court recently threw out the case to stop the plebiscite and Australian households will begin receiving surveys this week with a result expected in mid-November.

Queenslanders are warned to prepare for dangerous bushfire season

Australian scientists lead breakthrough to repair damage reefs

Research led by Australian scientists could pave the way for coral reefs all around the world to be repaired and restored.

The research project, conducted in the Philippines, has proven that coral larvae is able to grow into colonies the size of dinner plates within three years and can also begin reproducing in this time.

Lead researcher Professor Peter Harrison, from Southern Cross University, says it is possible to grow coral larvae in tanks and deliver them directly onto reefs in need of restoration, including the Great Barrier Reef.


Brisbane City Council spends questionable $192 million

Calls to offer school girls the option of pants and more zedlines...

Groups are pushing for a national reform into school uniforms for girls following the West Australian Government’s decision to make it mandatory for schools to offer girls the option of pants, ABC reports. Picture source: Wikimedia commons.

Research shows girls are less likely to perform physical activities at school when required to wear skirts or dresses.

Other states allow the individual schools to decide on their dress codes.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse discussed at BIGSOUND

Australia’s largest music conference BIGSOUND, is wrapping up today with discussions on substance abuse and mental health issues of musicians.

Shopping centre Santas may soon require blue cards and more zedlines...

Foster carers will require further checks, and shopping centre Santas may soon need a blue card if proposed reforms go through. Picture source: Pixabay.

Reports into Queensland’s Child Safety laws are recommending changes to the blue card system including introducing more professions to the list, adding photo id on the cards, and expanding the offenses that disqualify someone from obtaining a card.

The proposed changes come after the state parliament ordered reviews into Child Safety laws due to the death of a child in foster care in 2015.

Medical treatments for individual DNA

Gold Coast fires continue to spread and more Zedlines...

Three fires spread across the Gold Coast this morning as firefighters battled to contain them. (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Firefighters were initially sent to the scene after reports of a car fire at Reedy Creek just before 7am.

But on arrival, the crew quickly needed to contain a vegetation fire in the area and were waiting for further support from two rural firefighting teams.

Residents may face water restrictions

South East Queensland residents may face water restrictions for the first time in years, as dam levels fall across the region.

Water use has increased across the board, with both the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast top of the list for water usage.

Removal of deadly cladding from hospital and more Zedlines...

The Queensland government is not ruling out the prospects of compensating a hospital after potentially deadly cladding was found within the hospital’s premises. (Image source: Pexels)

Over 20,000 square metres of cladding will be removed from the Princess Alexandra Hospital.

Public Works Minister, Mick de Brennin, said the government's first focus is removing and replacing the cladding from the hospital, but, he did not rule out compensating the hospital.

Neighbourhood planning feud closer to resolution

The neighbourhood planning issues of Upper Kedron are slightly closer to resolution, with Brisbane City Council sending a revised plan for review to the state government.

Dignity First Fund to assist families seeking emergency shelter and more Zedlines

Queensland families seeking emergency shelter will receive support from Uniting Care Community (UCC) with the help of funding from the Government’s Dignity First Fund. (Image Credit: Wikimedia)

Minister for Housing and Public Works, Mick de Brenni, says the funding will enable UCC to provide a variety of welcome packs to clients seeking assistance.

The minister says having to seek emergency accommodation in a crisis shelter or refuge is highly stressful, so welcome packs help ease stress by meeting some immediate needs including food, toiletries, linen and school and baby necessities.  


Scientists hone in on potential treatment for osteoporosis

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