Review: Vanguard Burlesque

Vanguard Burlesque is an absolute treat filled with a variety of stunning performances. It was a night to remember.


With a wonderful host to guide both burlesque enthusiasts and burlesque virgins alike through the show, each audience member was in safe hands. As the host of the night demonstrated, when the performers show a bit of skin - the audience are encouraged to react with wolf cries and cheers. It was all a blast and made for a fun date night, or a girl’s night or any kind of night really. Ultimately the theatrical performances, the music and the atmosphere was pure fun and entertainment for each audience member.

The performances were a mixture between traditional burlesque costumes and music to more modern interpretations. Some of the performances included a half Prince/half Princess outfit, an exotic Egyptian goddess, a hula-hoop professional, a Miss Universe and an Ice Queen with a blood-curdling scream. There was a range of themes, characters and story for everyone in the audience to enjoy.

Vanguard Burlesque not only guides the audience with a host that keeps you in safe hands, and not only demonstrates a variety of exciting acts but also shows off the creativity not only in performance but through costume and props. Also, let’s not forget our stage kittens, who assisted in clearing the stage and placing props for the dancers!

The costumes for each act were creative in the sense that they were more than just about showing skin for the sake of it. Each outfit would start in one form and become completely different by the end. The cheering and vocal reactions were all part of encouraging the dancers to tease and excite the audience with their bodies.

Burlesque has always been a curious art form and it is great to be able to celebrate in Brisbane and enjoy performances with such a range of theme, character and story. Creative performances that seek to entertain and create a spectacle for the audience, as well as excite with some striptease, provides for a great night that everyone can get something out of.

Presented by Joel Devereux and Lillian Lace in partnership with Brisbane Powerhouse, Vanguard Burlesque was a visual treat that got the whole crowd cheering and ran from 24th - 25th November. You can catch the fabulous Vanguard Burlesque show next year in January at The Wickham.

By Joanna Letic